The Lord has certainly blessed us.

Pug Smiling

We are so busy with both lodging, daycare, and grooming. Please call early for fall and holiday lodging. Please call at least 3 weeks in advance for grooming appointments. Even for just a bath and comb out, please call 3-5 days in advance. Thanks and enjoy the summer!! 


Change is Coming!


Beginning in January 2016 we will no longer be grooming on Saturday. After 13 straight years of working on Saturdays, Nancy is taking a break!


Change for Charity

Help Our Furry Friends

Spare Change

Round up your bill next time you visit our salon, it's that simple. A few cents (dollars) here and there can really add up to help our Furry friends.

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We're an award-winning business!

2013 KOSBE Award

Kosbe Award 2013

"When the economy took a downturn it caused hardships for many small businesses. This winner chose to educate her clients on the need for regular grooming, feeding a high quality food, and using natural organic products on the "fur babies"...

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Holistic Approach

We don't just cut the hair and trim the nails.

Running Dog

At Classy Clawz and Pawz, we take a Holistic Approach to Grooming and Pet Care. We don't just cut the hair and trim the nails. We groom each companion with an eye towards the "whole animal" and on an individual basis.

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Pet Grooming

We are a green salon!

Pet Grooming

Let our professionals help you select a style that reflects not only your pet's breed standards, but also your pet's personality, taking into account the ease of maintenance and your time limitations.

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Pet Day Care

Tender loving care

Doggy Bed

Our day care is perfect for puppies who need help with housebreaking as well as older dogs who need extra care.  Our guests receive help with social skills and have playtme on our puppy playground!

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Pet Wellness Program

We now offer a personal pet wellness program!

Pet Weight Loss

We now offer a personal pet wellness program!  Does you furchild need to lose a few pounds; get fit and toned or burn off excess energy?  What about the baby that needs some slow, safe rehabilitation?  We're excited to be able to help you help your 4-legged child reach their wellness goal!

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Visit Our Unique Boutique

Stocked with only the highest quality Holistic and organic products!

Product Shelf

From all natural foods to aromatherapy and coat conditioning, you will find everything you need to keep your pet naturally healthy and happy.

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